About Me

¬†I’m Lubna Gem Arielle, a facilitator and coach.

The question that drives me is:

How can we connect more deeply to ourselves, others and the world around us?

My work is informed by a trajectory across law, the arts and education.

With a first career in law, I moved on to creative practice as an artist and actor and then combined law and creativity as an educator. For over a decade, I made Continuing Professional Development programmes on law with Legal Network Television and lectured in law on the MA in Arts Policy & Management at the University of London. I also taught law to non-lawyers in adult education and as a speaker. With this work, I used creative processes to make technical legal know-how accessible and also explored the soft skills that underlie successful deal-making. This naturally and gradually led into my working with professional development skills as a stand-alone. This is where I discovered my point of connection to my most meaningful work.

I am a CIPD-accreditated facilitator and a qualified coach.